Our Fellowships take place every sunday at 5pm at Nican Resort. Our fellowships are not only characterised with fun but also involvement in different activities.

A copy of both the Fellowship Calendar for 2019/20 and Directory members can be downloaded here

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  • Friends, allow the RCS membership Directory appreciate each member led by the service Buddy Group for yesterday's fellowship.

    Buddy Groups for the year 2019/2020 include:

    • Service Buddy Group
    • Fellowship Buddy Group
    • Diveristy Buddy Group
    • Integrity Buddy Group
    • Leadership Buddy Group

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    Cancer Run Fellowship

    The Rotary club of Seguku will be participating in the coming cancer run on 26th August 2019. We appreciate the cause of improving the treatment of cancer in Uganda. The lead organiser at RC-Seguku is Rotarian Slyvia Nazziwa and her team, Rotarian Eva Najjuka and Rotarian Maureen Kahunde whose mobilisation for the event has seen tremendous response. We also do appreciate the members of RC-Seguku who have showed support and Enthusiasm in promoting this cause. Appreciation also goes to the Club president for the good stewardship.

    Membership Month

    In our previous exciting Quiz fellowship which was led by Service Buddy Group, we had a fullfilling fellowship that saw another one of new ideas brought in by our Chair Membership, Rotarian Olivia Aguma. Being a membership month, a Friend of the Year initiative was instituted to also improve on the Rotary year them connect the world. It begins with us to connect with each other and that is why the Friend of the Year initiative has assigned each member of the club a person to follow up on and connect. This is in the spirit of connecting and togetherness.